TV & Audio

TV & Audio (brown goods) is the goods category with which we have worked the longest - since Dangaard was founded in 1986, actually. We currently cooperate with the largest suppliers in Europe within all forms of electronics, thus ensuring a quick and reliable provision of all brands and models.

In addition, our purchasers know the national as well as international markets better than anyone. Thanks to our long-standing experience and trade knowledge, we specialise in finding consignments and quantities which cannot be found anywhere else at just the right prices.

The TV & Audio category consists of

  • TV
  • Audio
  • DVD & Blu-ray
  • Home Cinema
  • TV Accessories
  • Audio Accessories
  • LG
  • SONY
  • ION
  • JBL
  • B&O
  • BOSE

We carry all the major A brands requested by your customers

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Why experiment when you can get what works the best for you and your customers? We cooperate with a large network of suppliers and producers and always offer the best and most attractive products at prices unheard of. We offer you one-point-of-contact to give you access to hundreds of well-known brands.

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We have basically everything within non-food - from frying pans to a large range of high-tech products.

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