Event 2024

Are you up for a new challenge this summer? Bring on your game and experience our amazing track.

Mountain bike event 2024

Are you up for a new challenge this summer, then sign up for our Mountainbike event in June 30th 2020. In will be in the dawn forrest, there are a limit of 500 sign ups.

About this activity

You can participate in this event either as a two persons team og individuals. The activity takes around 3-5 hours of trail running and mountains biking.

The registrations ends at April 20th, 2024

The goal of this activity is that it should be fun for everybody. We tried to mix the trail with some different obstacles.

Team category divisions:

  • Male team
  • Female team
  • Family teams
  • Male individual
  • Female individual



2635 Homestead Rd Santa Clara 95051 US