Part of Dangaard's success comes from our private label department.

A new retail revolution is underway.  We’re talking about the development of private-label products and the challenges this will present for brands and manufacturers across the globe since retailers develop and market their own products rather than multinational name brands to meet changing consumer needs. 



The vast store expansion by retailers over the past decade, has given end-users more access to private label and to brands. In recent years, e-commerce has given brands another way to access the consumer. However, private-label growth is also driven by the wider choice the digital economy offers to consumers and the globalization of shopping trends (media, technology, e-commerce).

Retailers can improve profitability making elements of branded ranges private label. By being in control of the product life cycle from product development, sourcing through to pricing, retailers can obtain higher profit margins, compared to like for like branded alternatives. 

The biggest benefit of private label is that it drives and determine customer loyalty. At a time when disposable incomes are relatively static, purchases are becoming more planned and less impulsive. Getting customers into your particular shop and not elsewhere is vital – great own brands provide this “hook”.

Dangaard offers:

- A wide network of manufacturers in China and other parts of the globe

- Design and product conceptualization

- Translations of manuals to any European languages and a few others

- Accelerate go to market

Dangaard specializes in consumer electronics, with 500+ successfully launched to market. Our catalogue includes a vast range of electronic products among others headphones and radios, to LED lamps, watches, mobile phones, scooters, and much more.

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