Wholesale of A-Branded consumer goods

Our Living Articles category comprises of all A-Branded consumer goods in Home Decór, Sportswear and sports gear, Personal Care, Beauty Cosmetics, Cleaning Products, Home & Garden.

Wholesale is our specialty. With a catalogue of 5000+ SKUs in this category alone, Dangaard's purchase team works around the clock to source high quality products from brands your customers know and trust.

In this category, we also give space for upcoming and interesting brands which we believe will have a tremendous impact in the market. One of these brands is Ecoegg, a substitute for traditional washing powder, excepcionally efficient and eco-friendly. Ecoegg innovative products are free from harmful chemicals, help to reduce single use plastic , is kind to the skin and kind to the pocket. It cleans clothes effectively, using two types of natural mineral pellets encased in a refillable egg.


Another brand that has gained the spotlights in recent years is TIGI. With his flagship range of professional hair care products "Bed Head", TIGI is an award-winning professional hair care brand founded by the renowned Anthony Mascolo.  TIGI understand and interpret fashion to create hairstyles hairdressers will want to recreate and their clients will love to wear, using TIGI products to enhance the cut, colour, style and finish.


These are just a small sample of all the fantastic products available in Dangaard's catalogue. This category has seen an enormous growth and our products are present in all the largest retail chains throughout Scandinavia and Germany. 

Dangaard’s trademark is being dynamic and efficient problem solvers: we get high quality products when you need them, where you need them! By partnering with Dangaard you will get access to fantastic brands at incredibly competitive prices. As one of the largest independent wholesalers in Scandinavia, we secured agreements with the best couriers allowing for speedy and safe delivery anywhere around the globe.